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Public Art Projects of America

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Hello and Welcome to the 'Public Art Projects of America website. This website was created to generate ideas and provide information to people and organizations that are considering an art project to raise money or bring awareness to a particular cause or event.

What exactly is public art? Public art or street art can be described as a fiberglass or other material object or casting that acts as a three dimensional canvass rendered or embellished by an artist. The art work usually depicts people, places or things that have meaning in local/regional history. Also, the depictions can be fictional or non-fictional. The art work is mostly displayed in public settings; hence, the term 'public art'.

To learn more about public art click on the 'Virtual Tour' button. From the 'Cows' of Chicago to the 'Cranes' of Kearney these public art campaigns have proven enormously successful and exceeded the expectations of everyone involved. Also, when you take the narrated virtual tour you will learn of successful public art campaigns around America and the world!

Click on the 'Links' button to view public art campaign websites that contain valuable insight and information. If you would like to contribute information, pictures, experiences or website links to 'Public Art Projects of America' please click on the 'Contact Us' button and send us an e-mail.

public art projects can: